About Andrew Vickers

Having achieved overnight success after 30 years of blood, sweat and toil, he is now internationally renowned for his powerful, evocative and often spiritual, stone carved art, inspired by the wonder of nature which surrounds him in his own Sculpture Gallery based in Storrs Wood in the Loxley Valley in Yorkshire.

His nickname “Stoneface” comes from his time as a young man when he would incorporate a sculpture of a face in the dry stone walls he constructed in and around the Yorkshire countryside. His art now graces the homes and gardens of clients around the world including rock and movie stars, politicians and entrepreneurs. Despite having such an auspicious customer base, Andrew, always one to remember his roots, dedicates a portion of his time creating smaller, more intimate and affordable works for private clients.

His contribution to charitable causes and the local community and the environment is legendary. Respected by his friends, customers and peers alike, as a good man and an artist of humility and rare ability.