About Andrew Vickers


About Andrew Vickers

Internationally recognised artist, Andrew Vickers, also known as Stoneface, combines nature with feeling to create stunning pieces of sculpture that feel layered, complex and evocative.

Working from the inspiration around him or to create bespoke pieces for commissions, Andrew Vickers delivers beautiful artwork created by the nature around him.

How It Started

From childhood, Andrew was always fascinated by nature and gifted with a natural artistic ability to create artwork simply from the images in his mind. While always a creative individual, Andrew only pursued his career as an artist much later.

Becoming Stoneface

Working as a drystone waller, Andrew enjoyed being part of this age-old craft and would consider those who had built the walls before him. It was then that Andrew realised that talented wallers would create walls that last as long as 200 years – it was their legacy, but they left no trace behind.

To make his mark, Andrew began to create small carved faces into the stones used in the drystone walls. It was a chance to leave a mark, be creative and hopefully bring joy to those discovering these faces in the walls.

Finding his talent in stone sculpture, Andrew then began carving more intricate designs into stones, working on complex art pieces and creating sculptures that friends quickly snapped up. It was then that Andrew decided to follow his dreams and passion and set up Andrew Vickers Art to work professionally as an artist.

The Woodland Gallery

With an opportunity to purchase Storrs Woodland, Andrew set up the Woodland Gallery; this was not only an opportunity to live off-grid and in harmony in nature but to work in nature too. Andrew is inspired by life in the woodland and uses this inspiration, as well as the natural products around him, to create much-loved sculptures.

Unconventional by nature, Andrew works intuitively and openly in the Woodland Gallery, moving his workspace as needed whenever creativity strikes. As a result, each piece is unique, often crafted slightly differently and with personal touches that make each piece special.

Andrew’s Art

For Andrew, equality, community and charity are strong values to live by. Andrew creates art so that nature is accessible and affordable to all. From innovative 3D printed sculptures that bring the Woodland Gallery into homes across the world and small stone sculptures to large art pieces commissioned to use in public spaces, Andrew ensures his unique take on the natural world is available to all.

Andrew has created incredible commissions for many clients, from celebrities to politicians and charities to international businesses and public figures. However, Andrew also ensures to give back. This could be from hosting events in Storrs Woodland to giving back to the local community with workshops.

Meet The Team

Tom Vickers, the son of Stoneface, is now a firm part of Andrew Vickers Art. Like his father, Tom is a keen artist who creates beautiful photography and uses his graphic design skills within the business. Clients and visitors to Storrs Woodland Gallery will likely meet Tom, who is on-hand to support you while Andrew is in the depths of the woodland creating his next piece of art and can’t possibly be disturbed!