While we offer an extensive collection of sculptures available to purchase in our shop, we understand that many of our clients are looking for something unique and personal.

From commissions for public bodies and public spaces to private clients and gardens, Andrew Vickers will take time to really understand your requirements, from practical aspects such as size, materials and chosen location to the design elements and the feelings you want the sculpture to invoke.

Once you are happy with the design, Andrew will begin to create unique and bespoke works of art for individuals, organisations and businesses.

“Over the years, I’ve been asked to create so many different things. For bereaved pet owners, I’ve carved dogs, horses and even a tortoise. I carved a giant gorilla in boxing gloves for a World Cruiserweight Boxing Champion and Batman for a local entrepreneur.

I’ve done memorials, water features, dragons and obelisks. I’ve done nudes and owls and even characters from Stars Wars.” – Andrew Vickers.

How to request a commission with Andrew Vickers Art

Andrew has limited availability but is able to take on some bespoke commissions each year. If you’d like to request a commission, please get in touch.

From this contact, Andrew will then be in touch to arrange a meeting or a virtual consultation to discuss what you’re looking for and, if you’re happy to proceed, schedule the commission in the diary.

Finally, when complete, you’ll be invited to view the completed commission in the Storrs Woodland Gallery.

“I refuse to take full payment for my commissions in case the client disapproves of the finished article and walks away, but I’m proud to say, touch wood, it hasn’t happened yet.” – Andrew Vickers. View some of Andrew’s completed commissions here, or contact our team today to discuss your sculpture commission.

Message below or call 07786603189 for a quote or more information.