We are thrilled to unveil Andrew's limited-edition bronze sculptures for the very first time. With a series Limited to just 20 exquisitely cast pieces of each sculpture, these artworks celebrate the profound mastery of Andrew's most iconic stone sculptures in the durable, timeless medium of bronze.

Each bronze statue holds its special allure, grounded on a handpicked river stone base sourced from the serene river that graces our Woodland Gallery. This individual touch ensures that no two sculptures are alike, offering a genuine piece of the gallery's unique landscape in every artwork.

With their deep-rooted connection to Andrew's original work and the natural beauty of our locale, these sculptures are indeed exceptional. To become a privileged owner of these limited masterpieces and for information on pre-ordering, kindly reach out to us. We're excited to help you bring a piece of this extraordinary collection into your life.

Sculptures without bases stand roughly 4 inches in height. Please let us know if you would like a base included.