Naked 3D Printed Sculpture 1st Series
Naked 3D Printed Sculpture 1st Series
Naked 3D Printed Sculpture 1st Series

Naked 3D Printed Sculpture 1st Series

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Naked 3D Printed Sculpture 1st Series 


Introducing Andrews New Series of 3D Printed Sculptures

Entering the new age of sculpture, Andrew Vickers has carefully sculpted an original stone sculpture in his woodland gallery, which has then been rendered into a cutting-edge 3D-printed sculpture.

Lightweight, practical and beautiful art

We know our impressive freehand sculpted stone artworks are popular but not always practical for art lovers. However, our new printed sculptures are robust yet lightweight. This means they are cost-effective and easy to ship, as well as completely practical for your home, where you can alter the sculpture position whenever your home needs a refresh.

Nature-inspired affordable art 

Andrew Vickers Art has always focused on finding inspiration in nature and making art accessible to all. This is why Andrew started his art in drystone walls so that eagle-eyed walkers would be able to spot carefully crafted faces within the walls.

With printed sculptures, we can offer exclusive collections of art that are more affordable than bespoke stone creations. You can enjoy Andrew Vickers-designed pieces in a range of sizes and colours to suit every preference.

The perfect gift for art lovers

If you’re looking for the ideal present for art and sculpture lovers, look no further than these stunning sculptures. Each piece is a really special collector’s item with the heart of the woodland embedded within.

Sculpture Dimensions 

Height: 3.5 inches 

Lenngth:  3.5 inches 

Width: 3.5 inches