Limited Edition Bronze "Thirst" Sculpture.
Limited Edition Bronze "Thirst" Sculpture.
Limited Edition Bronze "Thirst" Sculpture.

Limited Edition Bronze "Thirst" Sculpture.

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Immerse yourself in the artistic universe of Andrew Vickers with "Thirst," a captivating Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture.

Each piece in this collection is a faithful recreation of Andrew's most emblematic stone horse sculpture, "Thirst." The transition from stone to bronze has been carried out with impeccable precision, mirroring all the intricate details that made the original a celebrated masterpiece. The result is a bronze sculpture that not only resembles its inspiration but truly embodies its spirit.

The exclusivity of this collection is unmistakable, limited to a edition of merely 20 sculptures. Each bronze horse stands majestically on a hand-chosen stone base, sourced directly from the heart of the Woodland Gallery. This unique presentation ensures every sculpture is intimately connected to the woodland, bearing with it a tangible piece of its origins.

However, "Thirst" isn't just a work of art; it's an emblem of connection — connection to nature, to craftsmanship, and to the ethereal world of Andrew Vickers. When you acquire one of these limited sculptures, you're not simply owning a work of art. Instead, you're bringing home a piece of the woodland, a testament to exceptional craftsmanship, and an integral part of Andrew Vickers' artistic legacy.

Embrace the opportunity to enhance your collection with a piece as unique and limited as the "Thirst" Bronze Sculpture. With only 20 pieces available, it's more than a sculpture; it's a piece of art history. It is the epitome of refinement, the pinnacle of artistic excellence, and a true symbol of your discerning taste.

Sculptures without bases stand roughly 4 inches in height. Please let us know if you would like a base included.