Limited edition "Unfurling Green Man" Bronze
Limited edition "Unfurling Green Man" Bronze
Limited edition "Unfurling Green Man" Bronze

Limited edition "Unfurling Green Man" Bronze

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Unveiling "The Unfurling Green Man," an awe-inspiring Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture by the renowned artist, Andrew Vickers.

This spellbinding bronze sculpture has been masterfully crafted to mimic Andrew's most iconic stone sculpture, "The Unfurling Green Man." Inspired by the majestic beauty and infinite mystery of nature, this collection presents all the intricate details of the stone original in an exquisite bronze form, encapsulating its essence with an uncanny likeness.

Only 20 of these sculptures grace the world, each one individually mounted on a stone base, lovingly selected from the heart of the Woodland Gallery. This union of bronze and stone captures the spirit of the woodland and gifts each piece with a unique, tangible connection to its roots.

When you acquire one of these limited sculptures, you don't just own an artwork, you bring home a slice of the woodland itself. The captivating blend of form and material echoes the artist's unwavering commitment to nature and the environment, reflecting your refined taste and love for the natural world.

"The Unfurling Green Man" bronze sculpture doesn't merely celebrate art; it venerates the timeless bond between nature and craftsmanship. The limited availability of just 20 pieces amplifies its exclusivity, marking it as a true collector's item and a testament to Andrew Vickers' artistic legacy.

Indulge in the captivating allure of "The Unfurling Green Man" and let it unfurl the beauty of nature and artistic excellence in your space. It's more than a sculpture; it's a piece of art history that serves as a testament to the magic of the natural world and the exceptional talent of its creator.


Sculptures without bases stand roughly 4 inches in height. Please let us know if you would like a base included.