The Nose in the Boulder
The Nose in the Boulder

The Nose in the Boulder

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Introducing "The Nose in the Boulder" - an emblem of creativity, expression, and nature's fortitude, meticulously conceived by the esteemed artist Andrew Vickers.

His innovative perspective breathes life into an often overlooked feature, the nose, transforming it into the centrepiece of this stone sculpture. The aesthetic is an evocative synergy of the natural and the crafted, with the form subtly and organically merging back into the untouched stone, creating a sense of unity between the human creation and the raw material.

The masterpiece is hewn from "Rotherham Red," a stone of striking character and allure. This locally sourced stone amplifies the sculpture's connection to its place of origin, establishing an authentic, tangible bond with the local geography.

Committed to the preservation of our environment and endorsing sustainability, Andrew Vickers has ensured that "The Nose in the Boulder" is a true testament to ecological responsibility. This eco-friendly creation exemplifies the intersection of art and environmental stewardship, aligning seamlessly with Andrew's personal and artistic values.

"The Nose in the Boulder" is more than a sculpture. It's a narrative in stone, a proclamation of environmental consciousness, and a testament to Andrew Vickers' distinctive approach to his craft.